Unlocking the Power of Chemical Timekeepers: Oscillatory Systems and Catalytic Wonders

A catalytically active oscillator made from small organic molecules

Oscillatory systems are like regulators in our body, controlling many important processes like metabolism, cell division, and even things like our daily rhythm and heartbeat. Scientists were inspired by chemical oscillations found in non-living things and created synthetic oscillators that work like timekeepers. These synthetic oscillators are used in chemistry and medicine. Now, they’ve made a tiny chemical oscillator that can also speed up a chemical reaction without losing its ability to keep time. This can lead to creating more complex systems for things like making chemicals, materials, and even delivering medicine at specific times.

ter Harmsel, M., Maguire, O.R., Runikhina, S.A. et al. A catalytically active oscillator made from small organic molecules. Nature 621, 87–93 (2023). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41586-023-06310-

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