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Revolutionary Injectable Prosthesis Speeds Up Tissue Repair

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Injectable tissue prosthesis for instantaneous closed-loop rehabilitation Researchers have developed an innovative injectable tissue prosthesis made of a soft hydrogel combined with gold nanoparticles, allowing instantaneous bidirectional electrical conduction within…


Unlocking the Hidden Diversity of Microbial Proteins in Metagenomes

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Unraveling the functional dark matter through global metagenomics Scientists have discovered an immense variety of proteins encoded within metagenomes, which are collections of genetic material from diverse microorganisms. Traditionally, researchers…

Worldwide ICU Blood Transfusion Practices Study

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Red Blood Cell Transfusion in the Intensive Care Unit A global study conducted in 30 countries on six continents between March 2019 and October 2022 evaluated and described red blood…


Age Discrimination Tends to Increase During Economic Recessions

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Age Discrimination across the Business Cycle Two separate analyses were conducted to examine whether age discrimination becomes more prevalent during economic recessions. The first analysis, using confidential EEOC data, found…

The Contagious Effect of Corruption Scandals on Dishonest Behavior

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Contagious Dishonesty: Corruption Scandals and Supermarket Theft This study investigates whether corruption scandals influence the likelihood of supermarket customers engaging in dishonest behavior, specifically stealing while using self-service checkout systems…

Analyzing Cultural Distances in the United States

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Coming Apart? Cultural Distances in the United States over Time This study examines how different groups in the United States, including those defined by income, education, gender, race, and political…

Impact of Job Loss on Earnings Across Different Countries

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The Unequal Consequences of Job Loss across Countries This study analyzed the effects of job loss in various countries using a consistent research approach with seven employer-employee datasets. Workers in…