Projected decline in European bumblebee populations in the twenty-first century

Bumblebee populations in Europe are expected to decrease in the 21st century

Habitat damage and climate change are causing a major decline in wildlife worldwide, and this trend is expected to get worse in the coming decades. This study focuses on bumblebees, crucial pollinators for crops in Europe. They found that bumblebee populations have been declining consistently since 1900 in most of Europe, and they predict that these declines will continue due to climate change and land use changes. Many bumblebee species currently considered “Least Concern” are expected to lose a significant portion of their habitat by 2061–2080. Some parts of Scandinavia may become safe havens for these bees, but it’s uncertain if they’ll remain free from other human-related threats. The study emphasizes the importance of global efforts to combat climate change to protect bumblebees and the environment.

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